Friday, January 9, 2015

Back to Sweater Weather

Oh hi there!!! So, if you're in Utah, you know the weather has been bananas lately, just las week it was 10 degrees and below! this week, we are on the high 40's and I'm loving it! I will take warm weather any day, I dislike the cold with passion, which makes me wonder why in the world I live in Utah... ha, oh my defense where I was born (Peru) it's warm and nice, most of the time! butttt, I've been in Utah for majority of my life, so let's just say I'm a bit Crazy haha 
Anywaysss, so since the weather has allowed me to wear lighter stuff, I couldn't wait to wear this cute cute sweater, it is the softest cutest sweater, I can't get enough! the ruffles details allows me to wear it with this liquid faux leather leggins without looking  like a weirdo! haha meaning it's long enough to cover my butt! yes! thank you to those sweaters that are long enough to wear with leggins!
Okay, so these are my favorite booties at the moment, and so is this hat...  I just got it this past sunday and I couldn't wait to wear it! I added some bling and voila! 
How's the weather wherever you are right now? Tell me it's warm and i'll move there! haha (I wish)
okay friendssss, that's it for Today! Oh, if you want the chance to win $600 to the store of your choice, head over to my instagram @carmenottens 

Sweater c/o Shop Eleanor Rae // Leggins Nordstrom // Shoes c/o Sole Society (on major sale) // Hat Urban Outfitters // bag Marc by Marc Jacobs

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 review + new goals

Oh Hello there! 2014 was quite the year, and I have the pictures to prove it!
Here are just a few of my favorite outfits, I seriously had such a hard time picking... a huge and special thank you to every single Photographer I got to work with this past year, you are all amazing, incredibly talented and I can't thank you enough for wanting to work with me! It's been a blast getting to know new people and making amazing friends through the blogging world! 
I of course can't forget all the amazing companies I've worked with, I can't even believe how fortunate I am to work with incredible boutiques, shops, jewelers , etc! 
I have many, many things in store for this new year! My blog turns 1 in February and I can't wait to celebrate with you all!

So, I know new year, new resolutions? hmm, I usually try to have a monthly goal, even if it's as silly as "drink more water"
I have many goals to start of this new year with a bang, and not only goals, but "wants" and you know all that good stuff.
SO here's a fun list of what they are! 

  1. Travel, and TONS of it, I already have two big trips plans for this year so far, and I can't wait to share them with you.
  2. Be more spiritual; religion is a big part of my life, but sometimes I get caught in the worldly things and forget about simple, yet important things such as reading the scriptures daily, etc.
  3. Put my phone down for at least a couple hours a day; as a blogger I'm always using social media, but I want to not make it such a priority in my life, since I'm glued to instagram all day.
  4. Concentrate on me, this may sound selfish, but if we want to make others happy, we gotta start with ourselves.
  5. Have better sleeping habits, I have insomnia and I know there's natural remedies out there to help me, I just need to find them.
  6. Pick up a sport, I do Barre, but that's about it, when I was little I did everything from Karate to Ballet, so I think it's time to pick up a sport that is good for me. Kick boxing anyone?
  7. Cook more; I LOVE cooking, and I'm quite good at it, but lately I have the horrible habit of eating out every single day, it's not only good for my health, but for my wallet as well.
  8. Do more volunteering.
  9. Stay positive; if you know me personally, you know I'm always happy, and that's something I love about myself, so I want to keep it that way.
  10. Be more organize, silly I know, but seriously i try to keep things in place and be organize, but sometimes I forget it for a couple days and my room turns into a mess! no bueno :/
Okay friends!! that is it! maybe you got to know me a little better, also, I have to add a number 11, write more content on the blog, not just "hi" "I'm wearing" "loving this" stuff.

Loooove you this much (                                ...) ***that means a lot haha.

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