Friday, October 24, 2014

His + Hers // Palladium series + Giveaway

Hello, hello... It's Fri-YAY! guys, it's 12.52 am and I'm writing right now as I watch The O.C... Yes, I am obsessed and I've seen the show over 10 times, I laugh, cry and my jaw drops just like the first time... I go back to the 15 year old Carmen every time... haha, go ahead and laugh.
I don't know if Ive mentioned this before, but I have insomnia, and guys I hate it... I tend to stress over the smallest things, and let's face it, my life isn't perfect! I try to stay busy as much as I can, so my brain can stay distracted lol seriously, don't you sometimes feel like you can't shut down your brain or at least put it on "pause"... Mine likes to think and over think stuff sometimes! AAAH! drives me nuts!!! okay, why was I telling you guys this? Oh yes, because I write my posts the day they're going live (usually really late, sometimes at 3am), I don't like scheduling them... I feel this way is a little more personal? I don't know, anyways that's a story for another day...Specially, because I'm really loving these outfits today! haha
Oh hello matching boots, yes, we love them, yes, they're comfortable, yes, they look great!!! AH! We can't get enough of our Palladium boots, and yes it makes me wanna sing "tip toeing in my palladiums" haha, once again... Go ahead and laugh at me. 
Javi paired his boots with a tee from Le Motto, "Worry Less, Live More" is the motto, if you haven't heard of Le Motto, you have to go check them out, great fit tees, with a positive message and a profit of all sales go to Anti - Bullying campaigns. 
As for me, I wanted to keep it simple, and black is my go - to color now a days, this Lulu*s long color block cardigan is probably the one I will be wearing all fall and winter long... Not only does it look great, it's soft, and it keeps you warm like no other! Let's just say I was burning up inside my apartment while I was changing, then i went outside and it was perfection!
I know we all have heard of Lulu*s before, and I'm so thrilled to be collaborating with them... They simply have an amazing collection of clothes, shoes, accessories, seriously you name it, they have it!

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I seriously appreciate your support and love SOO much, you have no idea! Hope everyone has a great weekend... As for me, I'll be seeing my fave blogger friends at an event I'm hosting tomorrow, and of course I'll be attending several soccer games!
ps. Don't forget to enter the giveaway below, just complete the rafflecopter! 

Jeans here // tee c/o Le Motto // Boots c/o Palladium Boots // Plaid Shirt here // Jacket VERY similar here

Shorts gifted // socks here // boots c/o Palladium Boots // Tee here // Cardigan c/o Lulu*s 

and a HUGE thanks to Javi, yes... go ahead girls, add him on FB, you know you want to ;)


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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sweater luv Featuring BOHME

Hello, hello! How is everyone doing? I can't even believe it's Thursday again... Where did this week go? The weekend is almost here and let's just say, a weekend getaway is MUCH, MUCH needed... 
Okay, enough of me complaining lol, How amazing is this oversized sweater? uh, hello Bohme has a great selection of outerwear, if you live in Utah, head to one of their many stores ASAP, because seriously, why not? and if not, not to worry, they have an amazing online store! 
I am loving big chunky sweaters this season, but who isn't right? they're comfy, cute and they keep you warm! Even though this weather is crazy and sometimes one day it rains and the next is 75 degrees, no biggie Utah, keep being bipolar... NOT! haha Anyways, hope you like! 

Sweater c/o Bohme // Dress via Nordstrom // Socks FP via Nordstrom // Clutch c/o SBG

Photography by : Roxana B Photography


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